How does the O!Snap conquer my headphone problem?

Simply put, the O!Snap Headphone Management system is the end-all, be-all to many of life's problems... Well, not really, but as far as headphones issues go, let your worries go by the wayside with this nifty device. In a nutshell, it keeps your headphones in place while running, and neatly stored when not.


Will the O!Snap­­ affect my Smartphone or MP3 (or MP4) Device?

Nope. Nearly every cell phone or media player these days use a solid state drive (SSD) to store information. Because solid state storage technology is not affected by magnetic fields like computer hard drives (HDD) and credit card magnetic strips, they don't have any effect on your MP4 or smartphone devices. 

In terms of computers however, please listen carefully. If your computer uses a HDD (common in many computers), the neodymium magnets can cause loss of data or damage HDD's. DO NOT PLACE O!SNAP NEAR AN HDD! As with all electronics devices, check your smartphone, MP4, or computer owner's manual first. 


Can I use O!Snap for a Credit Card/Money Holder?

NO. The strong neodymium magnets can cause the magnetic strip on credit cards to lose data so we don't recommend using the O!Snap for this purpose. If you're using it just as a money clip (cash only), feel free as it makes a great holder for your cash, headphones, sunglasses and more.


Is O!Snap Waterproof? How do I wash it?

We like to think of the O!Snap as a management tool to be used in rain, sleet and snow. The recycleable material used is waterproof and extremely durable. It can be thrown in the wash, but we prefer the dishwasher. It cleans and disinfects any leftover sweat from your tough workout, and keeps your O!Snap clean and sanitary for years to come.



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