Mono Or Dual Earbud Modes

Whether you are at the gym and want to be "in the zone", or hitting the streets and want to be able to hear surrounding traffic, the O!Snap Headphone Holder works in both Mono and Dual earbud mode, without sacrificing comfort.

In Mono Mode, wrap the unused headphone wire around the O!Snap band so it sits tight around the band. This will allow you to use only the single earbud effortlessly without the second bouncing around and causing distractions.

In Dual Mode, one side of the earbuds are placed inside the patented O!Snap channel. Once placed on your clothes, move your head from side to side to make sure you have full range of movement. You'll know it's in the perfect spot when you don't think about your headphones for an entire workout.... What a relief!

O!Snap in Mono Mode

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