O!Snap Crowdfunding Campaign

Breach Industries, LLC takes a new spin on crowdfunding by raising funding for a product that has already proven to be successful in small markets in hopes to take it to mass market appeal. Raising money for high volume manufacturing makes the O!Snap Headphone Clip available for branding opportunities and large retail environments while staying low in cost to the end user.

Breach Industries, LLC is reinvesting in manufacturing to ramp up volumes to accommodate unique mid-volume branding opportunities as well as to become more affordable to the average consumer in small and medium retail shops while providing enough inventory to major retail stores.

With a heavy focus on non-profits, O!Snap is now able to be branded from quantities from 100 to 10,000. Non-profits, fundraisers, and promotional companies will now have the unique opportunity to have a graduated option to customize color, logo emboss, and custom polyurethane bubble tag. O!Snap has partnered with Oregon Active (ORA) to give back to and help donating ORA members receive a gift that will give a continual reminder of their cause. ORA is a 501©(3) non-profit dedicated to provide Adventure Therapy to people with disabilities and other life challenging conditions.

O!Snap proudly manufacturers the Headphone Clip in the United States which provides custom customers the opportunity for faster turnaround and impressive quality. Customization options include large volume mold modifications, silk screening, laser engraving, and color.

About O!Snap Headphone Clip

Only the O!Snap™ provides a dual solution for two of the most frustrating problems commonly found with headphones today. A careful balance was engineered into the design to maximize performance, flexibility, weight, ergonomics, and function while keeping the needs and desires of active users in mind. O!Snap™ provides an ingenious compact solution to tame those bucking and flapping headphones when running, biking, dancing, driving or even cleaning the house. Two magnets connect the TPU brandable band to provide a no-mess storage solution when headphones are not in use.  The magnets are also powerful enough to provide a means to hang the clip in storage mode to a refrigerator or even a light switch screw! Made with a strong, but flexible hypoallergenic TPU Alloy, the Patent Pending O!Snap Headphone Clip is a great choice for non-profits and businesses alike, looking for the next great branding opportunity.

About Breach Industries, LLC

Breach Industries, LLC is a Portland-based technology and products design company. It specializes in athletic accessory products, illumination technology and electronics and is committed to local American labor and vendors to create and market its products. For more information, please visit the Indiegogo campaign at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/o-snap-headphone-clip/x/6076134


Justin Metras

Media Relations

222 SE Alder St. STE 1
Portland, OR 97214, USA

Phone: 877-633-0383
Email: info@breachtech.com

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