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fits most cables
Designed to fit nearly any round headphone wire on the market.
No Batteries Required
Who wants to charge their headphones every 2 hours?
fits usb cables too
Want to tidy up your desk? O!Snap works great there too.
No bluetooth required
high quality
High quality Neodymium magnets don't interfere with your other electronics
Keeps your microphone in place, no matter what position you find yourself in
An everyday addition to your workout... Oh, and did we mention, no more tangles?
O!Snap Features
Ever been working at your desk and your headset cord catches your arm flinging your headset off? O!Snap can help.
O!Snap headphone holder is made to fit standard size round cables.
Ever thrown your headphones in your pocket or a purse and take the out to discover a rat's nest of wires? O!Snap keeps your headphones tangle free when not in use.
Reflective Tag
The reflective tag helps keep you seen at night.
High Quality Neodymium Magnets
High Quality magnets don't interfere with other electronics GPS or other signals.
Proprietary TPU
Our advanced proprietary TPU allows the clip to be rugged and durable, but soft to the touch. It's also hypoallergenic so not to worry if it touches the skin.
Do you enjoy wired earbuds because of the superior sound, ease of use and long lasting life? Us too! That's why we created this simple tool to help you enjoy your headphones more.
We make this product with love, and also recyclable eco-friendly materials allowing the product to be reused after the end of its life.
Perfect position
O!Snap keeps your microphone in perfect position so you always know where your headphone controls are, so you can go back to loving headphones again.
O!Snap Fits A Variety Of Headphones
Works For Any Activity